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        Guangzhou midea hualing refrigerator co., LTD. Was established in June 2010, is a subsidiary of midea group), one of the tertiary industry and business operation entity, the project covers an area of about 450 mu, is located in the nansha district in guangzhou pearl river management area, with a total investment of 1.1 billion yuan, is the guangdong midea electrical appliances co., LTD. (China) and beauty of Singapore trading co., LTD. (Singapore) joint venture investment company. With midea, hualing and other brands, the comprehensive production capacity reaches 2 million/year. Guangzhou midea hualing refrigerator co., LTD. In order to "energy saving, high efficiency, high-end products," the goal is to radiation in south China and exported to major markets around the world, and give full play to the nansha development zone near south China home appliances supporting clusters of geographical advantages, use of modern logistics, the export and inland transportation is convenient, pull the regional supporting industry development, so as to further develop and expand the refrigerator industry, continue to promote the beautiful white electric carrier sped up and implement group build another beauty "five years, one of the top three in the world white electrical" grand strategy.