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      1. 招納賢士
        Current Position: Recruitment - External Recruitment
        External Recruitment
        External Recruitment
        Job title
        Job Category
        Recruiting Numbers
        • Procurement department procurement intern
          Management Support
          -Purchasing material management: interface with business requirements, define corresponding materials, and maintain and manage the system material information
          -Project management: efficiently and accurately promote the order and delivery process of server procurement projects according to the company's process
          - Data analysis: identify, sort out and analyze the purchasing data of the categories under your jurisdiction
          -Daily work support of purchasing department and other tasks assigned by leaders
          job requirements:
          -Working experience in operation, preferably with a bachelor's degree in economics, trade, logistics or automation
          -Proficient in the use of office software Excel, PPT and other common office software
          -Strong learning ability, quick thinking, clear expression, good at communication, strong teamwork ability
          -Integrity, strong sense of responsibility, hard-working, accurate and clear on their own positioning and development goals
          job application